Amanda Serrano: I Want To Show I Can Go 12, But With Extra Minute It Might Not Go 12

Undisputed featherweight champion Amanda Serrano will look to put on a show when she steps in the ring against mandatory WBO challenger Danila Ramos on October 27 in Orlando, Florida.

The fight will be contested under the same rules as the men, with 12 three-minute rounds – instead of the traditional 10 two-minute rounds for sanctioned fights involving women.

Only three of Serrano’s titles will be at stake – as the WBC, citing safety concerns, will not sanction the fight for 12 three-minute rounds.

“It’s a lot of pressure on me, but I feel for women’s boxing it’s going to be big. I’m super-excited to go out there and showcase women’s boxing at its finest and that women can do anything that we put our minds to,” Serrano told Sky Sports. “That’ll show that we deserve it.”

If it was possible, Serrano would continue to compete with the longer, increased number of rounds in place.

“For me personally, I don’t want to go back to two minutes,” Serrano said.

“It makes no sense to go backwards so hopefully other women are on board, they love the idea, they’ve been asking for it for many years now, and hopefully this is the first step.”

While Serrano wants to showcase what women could do in a 12 round fight, she also admits that three-minute rounds would open up the door to an early knockout ending.

“This fight is hard for me because I honestly want to showcase that I’m capable of going the 12, three-minute rounds. But then again, that’s an extra minute so it might not go 12 rounds,” said Serrano.

In her last ring appearance, back in August, Serrano battered Heather Hardy over ten rounds to secure a lopsided decision win in their rematch.

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