Benavidez Sr. Believes Canelo’s “Power is Not There Anymore”

The end game for Jose Benavidez Sr. is to get Canelo Alvarez in the ring with his son, David Benavidez. So far, his plan hasn’t exactly worked out.

For whatever reason, Alvarez has been lukewarm on the idea of facing Benavidez. Mostly, he points to a tenuous resume and a barren world title case as reasons why Benavidez hasn’t been given the call. To Jose, however, Alvarez is flat-out scared.

Although Jose Benavidez doesn’t respect the way Alvarez has gone about his business, he recently became his biggest fan. This past weekend, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, Alvarez threw his WBO, WBA, WBC, and IBF super middleweight titles on the line against Jermell Charlo.

Jose didn’t make it to the arena that night but he purchased the pay-per-view and watched how things played out. Every chance he got, Jose stood and screamed at the top of his lungs. He may have been several miles away, but if Alvarez listened closely, he could hear Jose chanting his name and coaching him through every punch combination.

Don’t be confused by Jose’s motivation. Everything he does has a bigger picture in mind.

“I was going for Canelo,” Jose Benavidez told MillCity Boxing. “I wanted him to beat Charlo and look impressive and maybe knock him out in order for him to get all that confidence and maybe that confidence would make him fight David Benavidez.”

Alvarez did what many were expecting. He punished Charlo and made him look like he didn’t belong.

Still, even with Alvarez dominating for 36 consecutive minutes and fighting flawlessly, Jose was able to find a few holes in his performance – most notably, his lack of thumping power.

“To me, he looked good. He went in there, condition looked good but I just think the power is not there anymore. He had a lot of opportunities to finish him but Charlo was there and he never really got hurt. Yea he dropped him but it was a flash knockdown. He got up no problem and Canelo couldn’t finish him.”

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