BoMac McIntyre Says Crawford Vs. Spence Rematch Will Have Same Result, Believes Canelo Vs. Terence Possible For 2024

By Allan Fox: Trainer Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntrye is predicting another one-sided victory for Terence Crawford over Errol Spence Jr. in their rematch, and he says it doesn’t matter which weight the fight takes place at. It’ll be the same result as last July, with Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) destroying Errol.

In addition to BoMac believing that Crawford evaporates Spence, he also thinks he’s going to get the Canelo Alvarez fight.

That obviously isn’t going to happen, and it’ll be interesting to see what Crawford & BoMac’s reaction will be when Canelo ignores themselves in 2024.

When that fight doesn’t happen, Crawford will likely change his mind about not wanting to fight Jermell Charlo, and he’ll pull the trigger on the recently defeated fighter, even though interest in that match-up won’t be there from fans.

Jermell will have been sitting out of the ring, inactive, enjoying the millions he got from his one-sided loss to Canelo, and will have not redeemed himself in any way.

BoMac’s confidence isn’t necessarily genuine because if he really believed it was a sure bet that the 36-year-old Crawford would win, he’d say the rematch was happening at 154 rather than 147.

The fact that he’s not willing to say it will happen at 154 or 160 is a clear sign that he has false confidence and is hiding concern about Crawford losing to Spence in the rematch.

Trainer Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre confidently predicted a victory for Terence Crawford over Errol Spence Jr. in their rematch in 2024. “When the rematch happens, mark my words, the same thing is going to happen,” he said in an interview with Fight Hub TV.

“I would say even at 160. If it happened at 160, if it happened at 147 if it happened at 122 lbs, it’s still going to be the same damn thing,” said BoMac about his belief Crawford will beat Spence again.

BoMac obviously realizes that Crawford could lose the rematch with Spence, so he’s going to

If BoMac really believed in Crawford, he would be talking up a fight between him and Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis, his IBF mandatory, who he’s shown no interest in facing. Crawford’s behavior towards fighting his mandatory Boots is very similar to Jermell Charlo’s, with him having shown no interest in fighting Tim Tszyu.

Like Jermell, Crawford just wants big-money fights from this point on, yet he’s still holding onto his four welterweight titles for some reason.

A loss for Crawford would be a significant blow to BoMac because he’s riding high right now with Terence’s first big win in his 15-year professional career.

Crawfor’s win over the weight-drained Spence has been a great recruitment tool to add to BoMac’s stable, as fighters now view him as someone who will be like a magic genie that transforms them into stars.

The reality is that Crawford had the perfect situation, fighting a guy that drained, broken down from two car wrecks, and ring rusty from 15 months of inactivity.

“It could be. The Canelo fight could be, but from what I hear, I think he’s got two fights that are scheduled already, so we’ll see,” said BoMac on whether Crawford can face Canelo in 2024.

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