Bomac On Spence Rematch: “If It Happens At 160, 147, 122 It’s Still Gonna Be The Same Damn Thing”

Some thought that Brian “Bomac” McIntyre was merely sticking up for his man. The world-renowned trainer, however, claimed that wasn’t the case. Having watched Errol Spence Jr. closely over the years, Bomac simply couldn’t understand why anyone thought he was on the same playing field as Terence Crawford. (photo by Ryan Hafey)

Yet, for whatever reason, no one believed him. Most chalked it up as Bomac being either a yes man or delusional. Maybe even a combination of both. Ultimately, there was nothing mendacious about Bomac’s warnings as Crawford dominated his man.

After being pummeled, Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) couldn’t believe it. Before the swelling on his face went down, Spence walked up to the post-fight podium and revealed that Crawford will have to see him in the ring again. Meaning, he’ll activate his rematch clause.

Bomac isn’t sweating the possibility of his man facing Spence again. Although there isn’t an official date in place just yet, whenever the minutiae of their deal is hammered out, Bomac will make sure that the pound-for-pound star is ready to rock and roll.

“When the rematch happens, mark my words, the same thing is gonna happen,” Bomac told Fight Hub TV.

While it appears likely to happen, there is one small issue that both sides need to address. Spence is a big man. There’s a reason why he calls himself the “Big Fish.” It isn’t just because he considers himself the best fighter at 147 pounds, but it’s also because he was the biggest.

Spence has always struggled with making the welterweight limit. But after what occurred on July 29th, the 33-year-old is hopeful that Crawford, at least to a certain extent, will show him mercy.

According to their contractual agreement, Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) has the option to choose the weight of their impending rematch since he was the winner the first time around. Spence wants their sequel to take place at 154 pounds. So far, Crawford hasn’t said much in terms of whether or not he’d be willing to acquiesce to his request.

From Bomac’s point of view, the weight doesn’t quite matter. Whether it’s 154 or an absurd number, there won’t be much of a difference.

“If it happens at 160, if it happens at 147, if it happens at 122 pounds, it’s still gonna be the same damn thing.”

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