Boxing Insider Fight Night: Christian Otero Outclasses Carlos Carlos Marrero

Posted on 10/10/2023

By: Sean Crose

Boxing returned to the Sony Theater in the heart of New York City Tuesday night when Boxing Insider Fight Nights presented a card featuring Cletus Seldin who was returning from nearly two years away from the ring. First off, however, the 5-4 Christian Otero battled the 5-8-3 Carlos Marrero in a scheduled six round welterweight affair.

The first round was exciting with both men throwing at a rapid fire pace. Otero, however, appeared to get the better shots in. Otero went on to land well in the second, though Marrero landed as well when he began throwing punches in bunches. In the third it became clear that, although he was game and tough, Marrero would have done much better had he merely employed a degree of head movement.

Otero was essentially able to tee off in the fourth. He didn’t seem to be hurting Marrero, but he was certainly landing the better shots. Marrero appeared completely puzzled by Otero in the fifth, likely because he was. It was obvious by then that Otero was the more skilled of the two fighters. Otero went on cruise control in the sixth and final round. Suffice it to say, the judges ruled in Otero’s favor via unanimous decision.

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