Canelo Alvarez Tells Conor McGregor: “I Just Need One Hand With You”

By Dan Ambrose: Canelo Alvarez took exception to inactive former MMA champion Conor McGregor, who bragged this week about how he landed more shots on Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their mega-fight in 2017 than he did in 2013.

What McGregor didn’t say is Mayweather admitted afterward that he’d carried him and that he could have made it easy, but he wanted to make it interesting for the fans. In contrast, Mayweather didn’t carry Canelo.

In fact, he fought defensively, mostly jabbing, playing it safe the entire fight in one of his typical dull potshot fights. Mayweather wasn’t about to take any chances of mixing it up with Canelo for fear of being clipped, so he did the minimum to get the 12 round decision win.

Canelo fired back at the Irish ex-fighter, saying that he would need just “one hand” to defeat him, which is true because Mcgregor is just old, inactive MMA with no background in boxing.

Hopefully, Canelo isn’t looking to set up a similar rip-off bank heist-type fight like the Mayweather-McGregor event from six years ago because that was just a horrible fight, beyond boring, leaving many fans feeling like they’d been tricked out of their hard-earned money.

The event went for $100 on PPV in the States, and the underwear was staged with mismatches as far as the eye could see. What was interesting about this fight is that it ended the careers of both Mayweather and McGregor.

Floyd retired after making a boatload of money and has done nothing but exhibitions ever since. For his part, McGregor four more times, losing three of them. The success that McGregor had enjoyed with his career before the Mayweather fight evaporated, and he’s now considered to be washed in the eyes of many fans.

It’ll be interesting to see if Canelo will try and set up a fight with McGregor because it would make a lot of money. If that’s what Canelo is focused on, he can do well financially from a fight with McGregor, but he’ll be trashed by fans for his greed.

What the heck if Tyson Fury, the #1 heavyweight in the world, is fighting MMA guys, taking advantage of his fans to peddle his trash to them? Canelo might as well do the same and turn his career in that direction. Obviously, he doesn’t want to risk his hide by fighting David Benavidez, Dmitry Bivol, or Demetrius Andrade.

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