Carlos Adames Hoping For Canelo Fight: “I Will Make Canelo Run From Me”

It’s the same frustrating and confusing routine. According to Carlos Adames, his contemporaries have a lot in common…and not in a good way.

By and large, Canelo Alvarez is boxing’s cash cow. Whether he takes on an up-and-comer or a former champion, said fighter can expect to receive the biggest payday of their career. The dollar signs, however, are what they are fixated on, not the glory. Case in point would be his last handful of opponents.

Adames grew disgusted as Gennadiy Golovkin, John Ryder, and most recently – Jermell Charlo, came up short against Alvarez. Losing is a part of the game but the manner in which they actually conducted themselves in the ring is what annoys Adames.

“Everyone talks about being ready to fight Canelo and being able to beat him,” said Adames on his social media account. “They always say they have a plan or a special tactic to beat him, but when they get in the ring they just start running and fight like amateurs, even the light heavyweights and super middleweights fear him. The only person who has been able to trade punches with me and fight punch to punch is Montiel and that is why I have the utmost respect for him.”

With Adames throwing his name in the mix, if Alvarez gives him what he’s asking for, the Dominican native will have to move up in weight. If that’s all it takes to get his hands on arguably the sport’s biggest star, Adames won’t have an issue placating Alvarez’s wishes.

As for the actual matchup, Adames (23-1, 18 KOs) doesn’t see a single area where Alvarez would have the edge. Fresh off a knockout win over Julian Williams, Adames has stopped four of his last five opponents. And while Alvarez may have a chin like no other, Adames is confident that if he lands, the pound-for-pound star will quickly jump on his bicycle.

“I will make Canelo run from me the same way everyone runs from him, he will not be able to trade punches with me and stay on his feet. Haters will come at me for saying this, but I know who I am and what I do. If this fight ever happens I suggest Premier Boxing Champions place the fight in an arena with no seats because everybody will stand watching it.”

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