David Price: Tommy Fury Should Take Someone Like KSI To School

This Saturday night in Manchester, light heavyweight prospect Tommy Fury will attempt to knock off his second social media star, when he steps in the ring with KSI.

Back in February, Fury traveled to the Middle East and handed Jake Paul his first defeat as a pro boxer. Fury suffered a knockdown in the final round, but banked enough points to come away with an eight round split decision win.

Olympic bronze medal winner David Price believes Fury vs. KSI is a good fight on paper.

Unlike the contest with Paul, Price expects Fury to have a lot less pressure coming into this contest.

“I think that’s a good fight, to be honest. I watched the Jake Paul fight with Tommy Fury, you couldn’t not watch that because there was that much of a big build up and you would have had fear of missing out if you didn’t watch it – and they’re the fights that make the most money, obviously. With KSI, I have seen bits of him boxing, I don’t know if he’s at the same standard as Jake Paul or if he’s better than him,” Price told Betway.

“The pressure that was on Tommy Fury and the Jake Paul fight was immense. He had the entire boxing world’s pressure on his shoulders, never mind his family’s pressure. He could not lose that fight. Would he have been able to show his face in public again? Losing to a YouTube influencer boxer when he’s from a fighting family and he’s an unbeaten pro would have been devastating. He’s a good boxer, but you could see that the pressure may have been getting to him in his performance. He was stiff, he was tense, and it took him a few rounds to start landing his shots… but I think the monkey’s off his back now. I think the monkey’s off his back and I think he should go into this fight a lot more relaxed and take someone like KSI to school. I definitely think that Tommy Fury should walk away with the win from this fight.”

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