Demetrius Andrade Dares David Benavidez To Make Him Scared

By Sean Jones: Demetrius Andrade was amused when told that David Benavidez had told the media that he looked “scared” during their face-off today during their kick-off press conference for their headliner fight on Showtime PPV on November 25th.

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Andrade (32-0, 19 KOs) laughed about Benavidez (27-0, 23 KOs), saying he looked scared and he wants him to continue to try and intimidate him before their contest next month because he feels it will make him perform better at the Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas.

WBC interim super middleweight champion Benavidez, 26, maybe the one that is worried about this fight because he recently turned down a match against David Morrell Jr, and fans think he lacked the courage to face the talented Cuban after watching him knock out his last couple of opponents.

Benavidez hasn’t made the big money that other fighters like Jermell Charlo and Caleb Plant have, with both being given massive paydays against Canelo Alvarez.

“I have never been like that. As things develop, I’m going see him more and more, and we get to s**t talking. He’s not talking, so I don’t I don’t understand,” said Demetrius Andrade to the media today about David Benavidez.

“I was scared? Yeah, get me scared because I’m going to be more dangerous. Get me scared. Yes, I want to be scared. Get me scared because the scared I am, the more dangerous I’m going to be, the more I’m going to want to protect myself, the more I’m going want to throw punches, the more I’m going to want to get in there and show you what I have in store.

“So yeah, do that,” said Andrade, reacting to being told that Benavidez said that he looked scared during their face-off today.

“That’s why November 25th, you have to tune in. You guys are going to be there. People need to buy them pay-per-views. People need to show support for this beautiful fight that’s about to go down, and you’re going to see the mastermind at his best. That’s it.

“Listen, Caleb Plant is not me, nor does Caleb Plant have the
footwork or the IQ or the power that I have. Caleb Plant, I respect him. He’s also a great fighter, he took the opportunity and the chance to fight David Benavidez, but I also showed Plant a lot of things during our time when you used to come to my camps and stuff like that.

“So I got the sauce, trust me. I think Mike Tyson got really, really, really high when he named Benavidez ‘The Monster.’ I think it’s putting pressure and then figuring out how to put his combinations together when he gets really close,” said Andrade when asked what is Benavidez’s best attributes. But as you saw when he fought Caleb Plant, Caleb Plant was able to maneuver
do his thing

“Plant’s not the hardest hitter, and he wasn’t in the best condition. I don’t think for that fight, but he showed what little exposure it would take to continue to beat David Benavidez and keep him at bay. There are a lot of holes.

“I want to fight everybody. I want to fight everybody. Whatever opportunities I can get,  I’ll take them. If I could get any of these guys back then, I would have got them back then, but David is willing to take the fight. I’m willing to take the fight. So the answer is always yes on my side. I have never said no to any of them.

“It’s just now is the time. I’m a free agent as far as not signed to nobody, and I got myself in this position to be able to come over anywhere and make the best fights happen. That’s it. Number one in the world, that’s what this fight brings. I’m going to do everything,” said Andrade when asked if he’s going to counter-punch through the holes in Benavidez’s game.

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