Fabio Rodrigues, happy to be a pioneer in his country  – World Boxing Association

Fabio Rodrigues is close to having something in common with the World Boxing Association (WBA): being a pioneer, as this November 4 at the WBA Future, he will become the first professional boxer from Andorra with a license issued by his country’s boxing federation. 

“Debuting in my country as a professional is a pride. I didn’t think I would do it, because Andorra is a tiny country with a very young federation that works hard. I feel very proud and fortunate,” said Fabio, who will make his debut against Frenchman Salomon Kitoko at super featherweight. 

Rodrigues will make his debut in another pioneer event, the WBA Future, promoted by Team Solé and the Andorran Boxing Federation, which will be the first professional event to be held in the principality. For him, it is also special to debut in professional boxing in an event in which the centennial body participates.

“I am proud to debut in an event in which the WBA is in, and it makes me feel more proud of what I am about to achieve and makes me focus much more on work and that bigger things can be achieved for me and for everyone coming behind,” Rodrigues said. 

Rodrigues, 31, has a young boxing career. He has 12 wins and five losses in his amateur career, all of which have come in fights outside of his home country. He has faced the French runner-up against outstanding boxers from England and has been silver medalist in two tournaments held in Barcelona. However, he dreams of continuing to grow, to make a great career and, above all, to promote the boxers of his country so that this sport continues to grow in Andorra. 

The WBA Future is held thanks to the support of Team Solé and the Andorran Boxing Federation. The appointment is on November 4 at 18:00 hours in the Polidesportiu d’Andorra and will be broadcast through the Sportium twich channel (@sportiumtv) and the YouTube channel of the World Boxing Association.

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