Fabio Wardley Aims To Finish David Adeleye With a ‘Highlight Reel Knockout’

Heavyweight contender Fabio Wardley is preparing for fireworks, as he continues camp for his upcoming clash with rival David Adeleye.

The two British fighters will collide on October 28 in Saudi Arabia – in the co-featured slot to the crossover showdown between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou.

A few weeks ago, the tension between Wardley and Adeleye hit new heights when the two boxers, and their respective teams, were involved in a violent scuffle at the kickoff press conference. Wardley suffered two facial cuts during the altercation.

Because of what took place, Wardley is extremely motivated to close the show with a knockout victory.

“It was the disappointing actions of a few,” said Wardley to Sky Sports. “It’s added a little bit more fuel to this fire, and in training sessions. I’m really biting down and putting a few extra into this because whether I need them on the night or not, I’m going to make sure that he feels them.

“I get that sometimes those situations occur in boxing – pre-fight hype and things like that. I’m not one for them. I don’t think they need to be there, I don’t necessarily think they have a place. Especially, not for me – it’s not my behavior, not something I’ve done. I’ve never been a part of that at any point in my career, and I hope not to be because you do all your fighting in the ring. That’s where it’s meant to be.

“Winning on points is never enough, especially, when you’re a heavyweight. There’s a level of expectation that we are big boys, and when we get in there, people want a big performance. They want to see those highlight-reel knockouts, and that’s always something that I’m looking to deliver. Whether it comes sooner or later, I’m always looking to finish in style.”

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