Groves Does Not View Tommy Fury as a Pro Boxer, Feels KSI Could Outbox Him

Former world champion George Groves does not view Tommy Fury as a professional boxer.

He regards him as a crossover fighter – in the same category as social media stars like Jake Paul and KSI.

Fury, the younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, has not been the most active prospect since turning pro in 2018.

Taking part in ventures outside of the sport, like realty shows, took Fury’s name to much bigger heights.

In his biggest fight, back in February, Fury traveled to the Middle East and handed Jake Paul his first career defeat by way of an eight round split decision.

This Saturday night in Manchester, Fury will face KSI in a grudge match.

While most are picking Fury to come out on top, Groves believes KSI is more than capable of pulling off a victory.

“People in the industry say that Tommy Fury is a professional boxer, but I disagree. I think he’s a Youtuber. He’s affiliated with professional boxers through his family and he got a Board of Control license, but he is a Youtube fighter.  He’s known for being in Youtube fights. And now he’s fighting KSI, who is a youtuber. He’s not a boxer, he’s probably not even a part time boxer. Just own it. Vidall Riley has owned it, he really wants to be a professional boxer,” Groves said to Grosvenor Sport.

“I’d much rather put my efforts into being a better boxer than a better Youtuber, and I don’t think Fury does that. I think he’s more concerned with Youtuber status and I think that celebrity world comes more naturally to him than boxing, and I think once you’re in it to the length and depths that he is, you can’t come back from that. I’d make him a Youtuber boxer rather than a pro boxer.

“And I don’t think this fight with KSI is as easy as what they make out. KSI’s light and agile enough on his feet.  If he backs himself in this fight he might give Fury a run for his money. I haven’t seen an awful lot of Fury. I saw KSI’s last fight against Joe Fournier, he’s light and agile, he might be up for it and he could outbox and outfox Fury.

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