Hank Lundy Can’t Get Enough, Unretires For Philly Return in 2024

It’s been a while since Henry “Hank” Lundy came out on the winning end of a fight. It doesn’t upset him. He knows how the sport of boxing works. In your younger years, you’re supposed to run through your competition. That’s exactly what he did. In his first 19 fights, Lundy was undefeated. As time moved forward and age began seeping in, Lundy found it more and more difficult to compete with the young guns.

On more than one occasion, Lundy (31-14-1, 14 KOs) announced that he was walking away from the sport. Each time, however, he came crawling back. After his second-round stoppage loss at the hands of Kurt Scoby, Lundy did it again. He removed his gloves, waved goodbye, and promised that he meant it this time. Well, it turns out that Lundy simply can’t get enough.

For the 39-year-old, he found it a bit odd that his career ended on a small card in New York City. If the curtains are going to be officially pulled down, Lundy would rather it happen in front of his adoring fans in the City of Brotherly Love.

“Y’all know I couldn’t leave this game without fighting in Philly one more time,” said Lundy on his social media account. “January it will be Hammerin Time in Philly just for one more time. The final round & Chapter of Hammerin Hank Lundy in boxing.”

As Lundy alludes to, he isn’t interested in making another title run. He also isn’t moved by the thought of fighting for several years.

It’s all about going out on his terms. At the moment, he doesn’t have an opponent but that doesn’t quite matter. For his own peace of mind, Lundy refuses to go out on a bad note. So, with January just a few months away, Lundy plans on putting in serious work.

“The next 3 months I will be getting in the best shape of my life for this big night. Love y’all, Time to work.”

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