Logan Paul Says Wrestling Is Harder Than Boxing, Eyeing WWE Title After Boxing Match

There are no whims about it for Logan Paul – competing in scripted wrestling matches in WWE is much more difficult than boxing. 

Paul is set to return to the ring Saturday against Dillon Danis at the AO Arena in Manchester, United Kingdom on DAZN, his first appearance in a boxing match since taking on Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an exhibition in 2021.

Paul has been making a mark in WWE since then, appearing in many high-profile and entertaining matches, including WrestleMania earlier this year. 

But the 27-year-old telegenic star will be taking a quick reprieve from wrestling for the chance to settle his feud with Danis.

“I’ve said this before – WWE is harder [than preparing boxing]. It’s harder,” Paul told BoxingScene.com and a small group of reporters in an interview. 

“Boxing camp is pretty chill. All you do is show up, train, work hard, come home, eat, sleep, recover, repeat. While it can be mentally taxing, I’ve lived in that space. I’ve been through so much. My mental fortitude is unhuman. Like, I fought Floyd Mayweather as a YouTuber who didn’t have any wins. In that, I found that I have an abnormal mental fortitude. Wrestling is very difficult. It’s hard, for sure.

“After I knock out Dillon Danis, I really want to try to get the WWE championship.” 

Danis is an MMA fighter who last fought in 2019. Throughout the entire promotional period of their pending battle, the 30-year-old Danis has been targeting Paul’s fiancée and model Nina Agdal, who has sued Danis for “revenge porn.” 

Paul insists he’s remained poised through it all. 

“There is no rage. Calm, cool, collected. No emotion. I feel like a lot of people, all of these antics would affect them in a way that makes you want to get in there and kill this guy,” said Paul.

“While I am going to do that, it’s not coming from a place of anger. It’s a place where I’m a professional and this is what I am trained to do. I believe in my skills. I believe in my ability. I know what I have to do and I am going to make it happen.” 

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