Logan Paul wins by DQ after Dillon Danis causes security rush

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After a heated build that saw physical altercations at pre-fight press conferences, Logan Paul showed up for a fight. Unfortunately, his opponent Dillon Danis wanted to clown around.

The exhibition bout scheduled for six three-minute rounds served as the co-feature bout of Misfits Boxing: The PRIME Card at AO Arena in Manchester, England. The event aired live on DAZN and ESPN Plus pay-per-view.

After the singing of national anthems and an introduction by the legendary announcer Michael Buffer, the ring was cleared of security and the grudge match was on.

There would be no touch of the gloves to start as Paul came out firing punches upstairs and to the body. Danis kept his guard high and tight while Paul picked his punches. The two were talking often early in the round, as Paul punched while Danis smiled in reaction. Throughout the round, Danis pressed forward, but didn’t offer many punches.

Paul kept his hands at his waist to start Round 2 after firing an initial flurry of punches. As Paul punched to the body and offered combinations upstairs, Danis continued to smile as a few boos could be heard from the crowd. Danis started pressing forward, but again, Paul was the only fighter offering offense. After Danis taunted and appeared disinterested in throwing punches, Paul decided to unload a furious series of hard punches as Danis covered up.

Danis came out in the third with his right elbow high in a defensive posture, prompting the referee to issue a quick warning. Paul laughed at the technique but got back to his offense. Danis backed away and then laid on the canvas, inviting him to his guard as if it were a jiu-jitsu match. Neither Paul or the referee were entertained by the antics.

Offering offense in the fourth round, Danis landed a nice right hook early. Things quickly reverted for Danis, though, causing Paul to get agitated at the lack of offensive output from his opponent. Regardless, Paul kept with his steady offense. At the bell, Paul ducked under a punch from Danis, who then grabbed the neck for a guillotine choke.

In Round 5, Danis put himself into a corner, and Paul took advantage by teeing off hard punches. Danis eventually decided to move, but as he missed his own punches throughout the round, he became frustrated and told Paul he would beat him in jiu-jitsu.

With three minutes to go, Danis decided he was done trying to box with Paul.

He shot for a takedown that Paul stuffed, which prompted two security guards to get one foot in the ring. Danis made it appear like he was going to continue as normal, and the fight resumed. A moment later though, another takedown was stopped, and Paul threw a punch while Danis was on the ground. Danis returned to his feet and rushed after Paul. This time multiple security members rushed the ring, causing a chaotic scene.

As a result of his antics, Danis was disqualified.

After things settled and the official result was announced, Paul took shots at Conor McGregor, but vowed to return to the WWE ring to take on Rey Mysterio Jr.

“Is that little leprechaun here? Where you at Conor?” Paul said during his post-fight interview.

McGregor, who apparently was watching the fight elsewhere, appeared pleased at the outcome of the fight.

“What a spectacle, ya’s’r welcome,” McGregor wrote on X.

Up-to-the-minute results of Misfits Boxing: The PRIME Card includes:

  • Logan Paul def. Dillon Danis via disqualification – Round 6, 3:00
  • Slim Albaher def. Salt Papi via TKO (punches) – Round 4, 2:54 – for Misfits middleweight championship
  • Deen the Great def. Walid Sharks via unanimous decision (49-44 48-45, 48-45) – for Misfits lightweight championship
  • Anthony Taylor def. King Kenny via unanimous decision (49-45, 49-45, 49-45) – for Misfits light heavyweight championship
  • My Mate Nate def. Whindersson Nunes via unanimous decision (40-36, 40-36, 40-36)
  • BDAVE and Luis Pineda vs. NICHLMAO and Alex Wassabi ruled a split draw (39-37, 37-39, 38-38) – for Misfits tag team championship
  • Ed Matthews def. Swarmz via knockout – Round 1, 0:30
  • Tempo Arts def. Chase DeMoor via split decision (37-39, 39-37, 39-37) – for Misfits heavyweight championship
  • Astrid Wett def. Alexia Grace via majority decision (28-28, 30-26, 30-26) – for Misfits women’s lightweight championship
  • DTG def. S-X via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 1:59

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