Natasha Jonas Obtains Manager’s License From BBBofC: I Wanted To Break Down Barriers

World champion Natasha Jonas has become the first black woman to obtain a manager’s license from the British Boxing Board of Control.

A pioneer in women’s boxing, Jonas hails from a sporting family – her sister plays professional football – and made history as the first female boxer on Team GB and the first woman to represent Great Britain in boxing when she entered the ring at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England.

She made history yet again last year when she became the first woman to win the British Boxer of the Year award from the British Boxing Board of Control, following the likes of Lennox Lewis, Naseem Hamed and other British boxing legends.

The two-weight world champion continues her trailblazing tradition by obtaining a manager’s license to begin guiding the career of her young protege Mikie Tallon, who makes his professional debut later this month. 

“All my life I’ve always believed in myself and I’ve never allowed myself to give up. I’ve not consciously set out to be first to do anything, I just knew that I wanted to break down barriers and not be scared to do anything just because it hadn’t been done before,” said Jonas. 

“That being said, one thing I do like about being first is that it makes you part of history and nobody can take that away from you.”

In addition to her career in the ring, Natasha is deeply involved in the community, fulfils parental duties, and holds a prominent role as a pundit and commentator for Sky Sports Boxing. 

Jonas’ latest groundbreaking achievement coincides with Black History Month and this year’s theme of ‘Celebrating Our Sisters.’ Jonas’s journey – marked by resilience and triumph – stands testament to her indomitable spirit and of women in sports.

Having defeated Kandi Wyatt earlier this year to capture the IBF welterweight crown and become a two weight world champion, Jonas is looking forward to getting back in the ring and further establishing herself as one of the leading figures in British boxing. 

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