Nate Diaz Rejects UFC’s Alleged Hush Money Over Failed Drug Test

In the exciting and often unpredictable world of MMA, integrity and honesty sometimes dance a delicate duet with controversy and intrigue. This has recently come to the fore in the case of respected fighter Nate Diaz, who, according to Josh Thomson, was allegedly offered a significant sum from the UFC to keep quiet about a failed drug test, a revelation that could have put his UFC 244 bout with Jorge Masvidal in jeopardy. Let’s delve a little deeper into the details of this situation.


The Backdrop: The Mark Hunt Case

Mark Hunt, a seasoned heavyweight fighter, recently lost a lawsuit against UFC, Dana White and Brock Lesnar. The crux of Hunt’s argument was an allegation that the UFC knew about Lesnar’s Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) use before their showdown at UFC 200. This lawsuit thrust the issue of drug testing into the spotlight once again, highlighting the ethical challenges prevalent in combat sports. Despite Hunt’s loss in court, his case has fueled further conversations about transparency, athlete safety and the responsibility of organizations in communicative honesty.


Allegations: The Diaz Dilemma

In the wake of Hunt’s case, we turn our attention to the Diaz conundrum. Diaz, renowned for his grit in the ring, faced a similar situation in October 2019. Diaz was flagged by USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) for an adverse drug test result, which was subsequently traced back to tainted supplements. Rather than staying silent about this potentially career-halting event, Diaz addressed it head-on. According to Josh Thomson, Diaz declined what was allegedly a substantial offer from the UFC to keep quiet about the issue.
His insistence on transparency enabled him to continue his planned bout with Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244, which he unfortunately lost. This incident has not only showcased Diaz’s commitment to honesty but also raised further questions about the ethics of drug testing and the alleged attempts by the UFC to conceal such incidents.


Weighing In: Thomson’s Standpoint

Amid this controversy, Thomson, a respected voice in the MMA community, has added his insights to the discourse. Thomson, who had a dialogue with John McCarthy on their show ‘Weighing In,’ firmly believed in the UFC’s prior knowledge of Lesnar’s drug use before his fight with Hunt. His assertion is based on the premise that the UFC could control the narrative surrounding such incidents.
Furthermore, Thomson’s perspective on the Diaz case is especially noteworthy. He maintains that Diaz’s decision to reject the alleged hush money from the UFC is a testament to the fighter’s integrity and commitment to transparency. This stance aligns with Thomson’s viewpoint that combat sports organizations should be held accountable for their actions and prioritize athlete safety and ethical conduct.



In MMA, the integrity of the fight and the transparency of organizations play a crucial role in maintaining the sport’s credibility. The cases of Mark Hunt and Nate Diaz underscore the necessity for honest dialogue about drug testing and the ethical responsibilities of combat sports organizations.
The alleged offers of hush money and the potential cover-ups cast a long shadow, raising essential questions about the real stakes beyond the glitzy FanDuel MMA odds and the spotlight’s glare. As fans, analysts, and participants, we must demand better for the fighters who risk it all in the ring. Their safety and the integrity of the sport should always come first.



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