New Faces: Christopher Guerrero – The Ring


Age: 22

Home country: Montreal, Canada

Weight class: welterweight

Height:  5-foot-8 (173 cm)

Amateur record: 36-7

Turned pro: 2021

Pro record: 8-0 (4 knockouts)

Trainer: Guiseppe Moffa

Manager: Camille Estephan

Promoter: Eye of The Tiger

Instagram: @MGGuerrero


Best night of pro career and why: Guerrero is most pleased with a third-round knockout over previously unbeaten Veselin Markov last month.

“Something came into my head that I should string six or seven punches together, left hook to the body after a six-punch shoeshine – it was beautiful,” Guerrero told The Ring. “I think my last fight was my most impressive performance.”


Worst night of pro career and why: The 22-year-old didn’t look his best when he met Marco Chino at the Montreal Casino, Montreal in March 2022.

“My third professional at the Montreal Casino,” he said. “But after that night I made a change in everything, a change in my lifestyle, my coach, work ethic – everything. It was a good learning curve.”


What’s Next: The Mexican-born Canadian will step up against the vastly more experienced Jose Lopez at the Montreal Casino, Montreal tonight.

“I’m not taking him lightly but all I see is experience,” he said. “My I.Q., my skill, I know what I’m capable – I’m ready.”

Lopez (30-8-2, 16 knockouts) turned professional in 2010. The Mexican scored early career wins over former featherweight titlist Cesar Soto (UD 12) and Jorge Paez Jr. (SD 10). However, when he has been beaten by the likes of former junior welterweight titlist Viktor Postol (UD 10), former three-weight beltholder Humberto Soto (UD 12) and one-time prospect Julian Rodriguez (TKO 3).

This is a marked step up on paper for Guerrero and should provide him a solid test. I think he’ll win but it should be interesting to see how he takes care of business. A stoppage, even dominant points win would be impressive against a savvy 40-fight veteran, or will his aspirations be tapered due to the Mexican’s experience and guile?


Why he’s a prospect: Guerrero was a three-time national team and fought overseas for Quebec but Covid meant it was difficult for him to travel abroad.

However, he has been sparring all of the guys in and around his weight class in the region including the fighters on his promoters roster like Sadriddin Akhmedov, who he learnt so much from, since he was a teenager. That grounding has had a definite affect on his growth as a fighter and shown as he’s improved immeasurably over the past year scoring four consecutive knockouts after winning his first four fights by decision. His team recognize that and have started moving him accordingly from four to six rounds and now eight rounds.

Guerrero feels his skill set is multi faceted.

“Defense, speed, I.Q., able to adjust,” he said. “It’s my job but I’m also an entertainer, I have to bring the people to their feet. I have to make it exciting.

“Since I’ve been in the spotlight, it elevates me. I like being the center of attention when it comes to performing and showing off your talents.”

Eye of the Tiger general manager Antonin Decarie believes his young fighter has a bright future.

“We always knew he had talent but in the past few fights he’s maturing, he’s becoming a man,” said the former fighter. “He’s more serious, more focused. We were never worried about his power but we weren’t able to get a lot of knockouts early in his career but now he’s just landing his punches [and getting knockouts.]

“He’s showing everyone he’s growing, he’s still young. We’ll take our time because there’s no rush. As long as he keeps shining, we’ll keep climbing the ladder.”

Christopher Guerrero (right)- Photo by Vincent Ethier/Eye of The Tiger

Why he’s a suspect: As with any young fighter, he needs ring time to gain the necessary experience. He’s going through that and absorbing the knowledge in the gym and then showcasing it on fight night.

Guerrero isn’t content to just brush up on a few things, he’s diligently looking to improve his entire repertoire.

“Really everything,” he said. “I don’t see what I can’t get better at. I’d say my biggest downside is my in-fighting but even that I’m getting good at it, I’ve been able to walk people down, stay small with my punches. You learn something new everything every day.”

Decarie is relaxed with regards any holes in his young fighters game, preferring to focus on what Guerrero does well and feels everything else will fall into place in due course.

“There’s a few things he can work on but he does everything good but now it’s just to get better and better,” said Decarie. “Against the elite in the division being good is not enough and we’re working on that. As he gets older he’s going to get more experience and eventually we’ll be there.”


Storylines: Guererro was born in Mexico but moved to Canada at a young age, though he still travels back and forth.

“My mom was on vacation when she met my dad in Puerto Vallarta and I happened (laughs),” said Guerrero, who is fluent in Spanish, French, English and is working on his Italian.

Got into boxing when he was 9-years-old.

“I got my first punch to the face from a kid at school and my dad said, ‘There’s no chance this kids not going to how to fight,’” he recalled. [My father] took me to the gym, got in touch with Mike [Moffa] and it started from there.”

Enjoys playing sports, recently took up tennis, plays soccer, which was his first love. Likes to spend time with his girlfriend and family.


Fight-by-Fight record


Sept. 8 – Veselin Markov – TKO 3

June 1 – Heriberto Santillan – TKO 5

Feb. 2 – Edwin Villarreal – TKO 3


Oct. 27 – Julian Mendo – TKO 5

Sept. 9 – Jose Avila – UD 4

March 26 – Marco Chino – UD 4


Aug. 27 – Jose Gutierrez – UD 4

Jan. 29 – Armando Morales – UD 4


Questions and/or comments can be sent to Anson at [email protected].

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