Official Results of NP FIGHT 20 – GOLD EDITION held last Saturday in Goiânia

A number of modalities in a single evening Date: November 11, 2023 Location: Ginásio Rio Vermelho, Goiânia.

Final Saturday, NP FIGHT 20 rocked Ginásio Rio Vermelho, in Goiânia, with a sequence of fights in several disciplines akin to boxing, newbie {and professional} MMA, grappling and kickboxing.

Predominant Combat: 66kg Belt Protection Elismar “Carrasco” and Mesaque Campos fought an intense 5-round battle to defend the belt within the 66 kg class. Mesaque emerged victorious by choice of the judges, and is the brand new title holder.

Boxing – 71kg Belt Protection Within the difficult duel between Roberto Bahiano, representing DF, and native champion Alysson Canhoto, the victory got here in spectacular style. Alysson knocked out Roberto in simply 1 minute and 4 seconds of the primary spherical, retaining her title within the 71 kg class.

Grappling Belt DefenseFormer champion Luiz Filipe, from Goiás, challenged present champion Rodrigo Batista, from DF, in a extremely anticipated grappling combat. Rodrigo emerged victorious with a footlock at 9 minutes and 19 seconds, throughout the stipulated time of 10m.

Inaugural Grappling 90kg Belt DisputeAnapolino Júnior Magal and Kayo Felipe from Goiás staged an intense dispute for the inaugural belt within the 90 kg class The end result was tied, as there was no submission or sudden dying within the tiebreaker spherical. So with this end result the belt stays vacant

Beginner MMA Belt 61kg Class The group’s newbie league, BFT put the 61kg belt on the road. Daniel Campos, representing Goiânia, confronted Pedro Henrique, from Itaberái, in a fierce dispute within the 61 kg class. The victory went to Daniel Campos by break up choice.

Girls’s Combat: In the one ladies’s combat of the evening, Júlia Barros, an undefeated athlete from Goiás from BFT, the group’s newbie league, made her debut in skilled MMA in a conflict within the 53 kg class towards Suellen de Jesus from Brasilia.


Beginner Boxing Opening Combat • 50 kg Daniel “Tyson” beat Isac Coelho by break up choice


55 kg Enzo “o Mito” beat Natan dias with 55s of the 2nd spherical by submission: Armbar

77kg Carlos Geovani beat Marcelo Rocha at 2m25s of the third spherical by submission: Rear bare choke

57kg Willians Faustino beat João Felipe “Jajá” by unanimous choice

66kg Yan Guerra beat Felipe “Duxinho” at 1m02s of the first spherical by way of submission: Leão

68kg Renan “Kignam” beat Davi Saad with 26s of the third spherical by TKO

100kg Wellington Gonçalves beat Paulo Henrique at 2m20s of the first spherical by KO

66kg Weidson “Zé Pequeno” beat Pablo Côrte by unanimous choice

AMATEUR MMA BELT DISPUTE • 61kg Pedro Henrique beat Daniel Campos by break up choice

KICKBOXING • 70kg Eduardo “Dudu” beat Thiago Rodrigues by choice


63kg Tairone Andrade beat Levi “Pitbull” might determine the judges

70kg Elias Inácio beats Stefânio Gonçalves by judges’ choice

75kg Andrey Dias beat Bruno Souza 68kg Glaiston Siva beat Marco Faria by choice

BOXING BELT 71 KG Laysson “Canhoto” beat Roberto Baiano at 1m04s of the first spherical by KO

BOXING BELT 66 KG Mesaque Campos defeated Elismar “Carrasco” by choice


84kg Alex “Mendigo” beat Warley Silva as a consequence of opponent’s withdrawal at 4:44 of the first spherical •

57kg Adilson “Catatau” beat Jouber Silva at 3m22s of the first spherical by submission: guillotine

61kg Anderson Xavier beat Matheus Bueno at 3m56s of the first spherical by submission: rear bare choke

70kg Paulo Guilherme beat Lucas Lemos at 1m26s of the 2nd spherical by KO

70kg Daniel Araújo beat Marcos “Mão de Pedra” at 3m23s of the first spherical by TKO

HEAVYWEIGHT Leandro Rodrigues beat Marcos “Ninja” at 4:12 of the first spherical by way of submission: Katagatame

53kg Julia Barros beat Suellem de Jesus by break up choice

57kg João Vitor beat Vitor Souza by unanimous choice

66 kg João Pedro “Jotapê” beat Erick Maia at 3:35 of the first spherical as a consequence of medical intervention

GRAPPLING BELT • 90kg Júnior Magal and Kayo Felipe tied

GRAPPLING Belt • 70kg Rodrigo Batista beat Luiz Felipe at 9m19s by way of submission: Footlock

Picture Credit score: Matheus Medeiros

Roberto Villa is the CEO, Founder, Government Author, Senior Editor of FightBook MMA. Has a ardour for Fight Sports activities and likewise a podcast host for Sitting Ringside. He’s additionally a former MMA fighter and Kickboxer.

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