Oleksandr Usyk To Be Ringside For Tyson Fury Fight On October 28th In Saudi Arabia

By Charles Brun: Oleksandr Usyk says he’ll be ringside for Tyson Fury’s crossover fight against ex-UFC champion Franciso Ngannou on October 28th.

Oleksandr is curious to see how Fury’s fight with the powerful 6’4″ Ngannou will play out. While he’s giving Ngannou a puncher’s chance of winning, he doubts that he’ll be victorious.

Usyk says he wants to see the fight, which he believes will “100%” be won by Fury against Francis, who has never fought a professional boxing match.

The unbeaten IBF, WBA & WBO heavyweight champion Usyk (21-0, 14 KOs) would like his fight with Fury to occur in December, but he doesn’t think it will.

WBC champion Fury will likely eat well and put on a lot of weight after his fight with Ngannou, and he won’t be ready to fight Usyk for the undisputed championship in December.

“Yes, I’m going there. I would like to see the bout,” said Oleksandr Usyk to Usyk17 about Tyson Fury’s crossover fight against Francis Ngannou on October 28th in Saudi Arabia.

In fairness to Ngannou, he’s probably no worse than Fury’s last two opponents, Dereck Chisora & Dillian Whyte. Those two British heavyweights were awful, and Ngannou couldn’t be any worse if he tried.

It’s embarrassing that Fury has been able to milk his WBC title and bilk his UK fans for money in mismatches like that. The saddest part of all is Fury’s fans were willing to pay to see these awful fights.

“The promotion is impressive, and it’s understood because this is a show that people are waiting for,” said Usyk. “But for a professional boxer, it’s completely different. No, why have I had to?” said Usyk when asked if he’s changed his mind about the Fury vs. Ngannou fight now that the contract has been signed for his contest.

“This bout is bread & butter for Tyson Fury. This is my attitude towards boxing. And when someone is saying that Ngannou can drop him, I would probably agree, but I’m really not certain.

“Tell me, how could a guy with no experience in boxing beat a two-meter giant who’s been boxing for 20 years?” Ngannou said about Fury facing the 37-year-old novice Ngannou, who not only has no experience in the sport but is old and painfully slow.

“Yes, Ngannou is [was] a UFC champion. I’m not disputing it, but UFC isn’t boxing. I’m sure 100% that Tyson Fury will be victorious. He will effortlessly win.

“If Ngannou relatively has a puncher’s chance and if he hypothetically sends Fury tumbling to the canvas, I’ll concede talking gibberish. It’s better to wait. We’ll see everything in a while,” said Usyk.

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