PBC Could Sign Deal With Amazon Prime Or DAZN, Showtime Leaving Boxing End Of 2023

By Adam Baskin: Premier Boxing Champions [PBC], headed by Al Haymon, is looking at moving his company to Amazon Prime or DAZN, as their broadcast deal with Showtime expires at the end of 2023.

Mike Coppinger says  Showtime won’t be programming boxing after this year, making it necessary for PBC to look for a new broadcast deal with Amazon Prime or DAZN.

If PBC goes to DAZN, it would be crowded with Misfits Youtuber fights and Matchroom Boxing’s British-oriented events. It’s unclear whether PBC would get enough dates to show their fighters on DAZN if they compete with Matchroom and the Misfits Youtuber shows.

It’s hard to believe DAZN can afford to stream PBC, Matchroom, and Misfits without cutting one if they under-produce.

In order to save money, DAZN should consider signing PBC and ending their partnership with Matchroom and the Misfits. Many American fans do not find the low-level YouTuber fights or the obscure British fighters that Eddie Hearn promotes at his events relatable to their interests.

It would be great if DAZN partnered with PBC as their main source of boxing entertainment. This would be a good alternative to the low-quality YouTuber fights that they’ve been showing that pollute the network.

By eliminating the Youtuber events and focusing on PBC, DAZN has the potential to increase its subscriptions. DAZN has become unwatchable for some boxing fans, who can’t relate to watching the YouTube/influencer events that they’ve been putting on.

Amazon Prime is already broadcasting NFL Thursday night games, which likely is costing them a lot of money. Broadcasting PBC’s boxing events would be a good way to increase interest in their paid subscription service.

The downside of PBC going to Amazon Prime is that their events might be difficult for boxing fans to find. If a fan goes looking to watch a fight, they could get distracted by the movies they stream and the products they sell.

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