Regis Prograis’ Coach Scolds Bill Haney & Devin At Kick-off Press Conference

By Allan Fox: WBC light welterweight champion Regis Prograis’ trainer was in total control of today’s kick-off press conference, scolding the pampered”private school” educated challenger Devin Haney, labeling him a “runner” ahead of their fight on December 9th on DAZN PPV at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California.

Prograis’ coach was in a take-no-prisoners mood, blasting Haney (30-0, 15 KOs), who is moving up from 135 to challenge Regis (29-1, 24 KOs) for his WBC 140-lb title on December 9th.

Today was easily the best press conference that we’ve seen for a long, long time, and hopefully, Prograis’ coach, who isn’t his main trainer, will be in attendance for the other media events because he was pure gold.

Eddie Hearn: “WBC light welterweight champion Regis Prograis and the undisputed lightweight world champion Devin Haney to my right. One of the matchups of the year to cap an incredible run on the
DAZN schedule.

“Of course, for us, this event is live on pay-per-view and DAZN around the world, and as I said, the upcoming schedule up coming is quite incredible as we head back to Liverpool this weekend for Jack Catterall against Jorge Linares.

Regis Prograis’s coach: “We’re going to start with the challenger.”

Bill Haney: “You ain’t running nothing. You got invited up here.”

Prograis coach: “You delusional, bro. We going to show you. I’m conducting myself.”

Bill: “You were invited up here, champ.”

Prograis’ coach: “Invited? We’re the champ, what are you talking about? Do you understand that?”

Bill: “Did anybody want to fight y’all? How hard was it for you to get a fight?”

Regis’ coach: “Keep talking, track coach. You a track coach. Your son [Devin Haney] is a runner. You been running the whole time.”

Devin Haney: “Running where?”

Bill: “Do you want me to talk? I asked you a question. How hard was it for you to get a fight?”

Regis’ coach: “Nobody wants to deal with the real monster [Prograis].”

Bill: “Welcome to the Bay Arena. Let’s go on.”

Regis’ coach: “Your son is going to get the f**k knocked out.”

Bill: “That’s what we invited you up here to do. That’s what you’re going to try.”

Regis’ coach: “Talk, challenger. Talk.”

Haney: “Shut up, you ain’t even fighting.”

Regis’ coach: “You private school kid. Who taught you that? You a private school kid.”

Bill: “Home-schooled, chump.”

Haney: “You don’t even know me. I never went to private school in my life.”

Regis’ coach: “You dealing with real men from the bottom, and we’re going to bust your a**.”

Haney: “I’m going to beat the s**t out of Prograis.”

Regis’ coach: “You have been running your whole career. Let’s get real here: Props to Bill Haney for building the career of his son.”

Bill: “We don’t need your help.”

Regis’ coach: “You have been running the whole time.”

Haney: “Well, be quiet then.”

Bill: “We don’t need your help. Thank you everybody for having us. We’re looking forward to this.”

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