Rolando Romero’s Coach: “Imagine If Rolly Would’ve Fought That Version Of Spence? He Would’ve Got Him”

It’s been fun to play around with the idea. Two future Hall of Famers and pound-for-pound stars still at the top of their games going at it? Who wouldn’t want to see it? Unfortunately for us, 21 pounds of weight have prevented Terence Crawford and Canelo Alvarez from jumping into the ring with one another. But, after cleaning up the welterweight division, Crawford is in search of the biggest challenges and paydays. Both just so happened to be associated with Alvarez.

As fans begin to toy with the idea, Cromwell Gordon, otherwise known as Coach Bullet, head trainer of Rolando “Rolly” Romero – isn’t interested in seeing those two get it on. In his opinion, Crawford is as skilled as they come. However, to go from fighting men in the welterweight division, to a man who’s taken out fighters who walk around nearly 200 pounds, is a different animal.

“At 168, Crawford’s not gonna handle Canelo’s power at that weight,” revealed Gordon to recently.

Ironically enough, Alvarez just wiped the floor with another fighter who audaciously moved up in weight as well.

Jermell Charlo had no trepidation when it came to putting on 14 pounds. Still, even with his weight gain and championship experience, he hardly won a round against Alvarez on September 30th.

Crawford, while smaller, isn’t Charlo. The newly turned 36-year-old has always been confident, but that self-belief skyrocketed after he dominated Errol Spence Jr. Oddly enough, fighting Spence was something team Romero was gunning for. That, of course, was viewed as practically impossible due to the weight difference.

Even if Spence looked past Romero’s size and took him up on his fight offer, fans gave him little to no chance anyway. At one point, Gordon understood where they were coming from. Hell, to a certain extent, he may have agreed with them. With that said, considering that he looked like a shell of his former self, Gordon is convinced that if Romero took Crawford’s spot and fought Spence, the outcome would’ve been the same.

“Imagine if Rolly would’ve fought that version of Spence? He would’ve got him. Anybody fought that version they would’ve got him.”

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