Rolly Romero Would Have Beaten Errol Spence – Coach Bullet

By Allan Fox: Trainer Bullet Cromwell says the version of Errol Spence Jr. that lost to Terence Crawford would have been beaten by Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero and “anybody.”

Bullet knows what he’s talking about because Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) looked like he’d been surviving on quarter rations going into the Crawford fight and would have lost to all of Bud’s opponents since moving up to 147 in 2018.

Spence shouldn’t have taken that fight because he had no that he was just too big & and physically not where he needed to be competing with anybody, even a 36-year-old who had never fought anyone cutting edge during his 15-year career.

Bullet thinks Crawford can’t beat Canelo Alvarez, so if that’s still someone he’s sitting by the phone, waiting & hoping to get that call from the Mexican star to be blessed with a golden parachute retirement payday, he can forget it.

“No, I just feel this version of Canelo, ain’t nobody going to beat him, and also at 168, Crawford’s not going to handle Canelo’s power at that weight,” said coach Bullet Cromwell to Fighthype about his thoughts on Terence Crawford fighting Canelo Alvarez.

“Crawford is getting older. He’s 37 years old; he’s got man strength. That’s also a factor, but you got to be realistic as far as the 168 & 175-lb guys that he’s [Canelo] been hit by.

“I used to fight guys bigger than me.  It’s really not about size. It’s about the fight that is in the dog, not the size of the dog.

“They want it just like Tank & Crawford, or Rolly & Spence when that came up,” said Bullet about the casual boxing fans who don’t follow the sport closely enough to know that Crawford & Canelo compete in different weight classes.

“Imagine if Rolly had fought that version of Spence. He’d have got him. Anybody that fought that version of Spence would have got him. Rolly knew that. He was right the whole time.

“I  feel  [Jermell] Charlo was in a better position than he believed he was in,” said Bullet about Jermell Charlo’s performance against Canelo  Alvarez. “I think if he had pressed the line more and sat down on his shots and worked his defense, he could’ve beat him.

“When you go against the ropes, and you stand there and wait until someone throws an overhand right. Come on, Charlo. I wanted him to win. I  had faith in him.  I believed in the lion & the dog that’ in him.

“I just felt like after he got hit, he thought, ‘I’m just going to move & fight and don’t take no chances. You got to remember that he [Jermell] got an undisputed championship in two divisions down. He went up to be great.

“People don’t understand in boxing that people ain’t doing that often. He went up to do it because he felt it was an opportunity. But then, when you get in there and feel the thunder, it kind of changes your mind,” said Bullet.

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