Ryan Garcia Vs. Oscar Duarte – Official For December 2nd – ‘Don’t Blink’

By Dan Ambrose: In a risky fight, light welterweight contender Ryan Garcia will face the huge body puncher Oscar Duarte in a 12-round main event on DAZN on December 2nd.

There’s a lot on the line for the popular Golden Boy star Ryan Garcia because his next fight could be on PPV, giving him another opportunity to make big money.

Ryan Garcia (23-1, 19 KOs) is ranked #4WBA, #7 WBC,#9 IBF & #15 WBO. The winner of the Garcia vs. Duarte fight could challenge Teofimo Lopez for his WBO light welterweight title next February during Super Bowl weekend.

Ryan will be the favorite, but you can’t count out Duarte, who is the bigger puncher and will likely follow the blueprint to attack Kingry’s body.

Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya wanted to bring the 25-year-old Ryan back against a solid fighter, and he found one in the 27-year-old Duarte, who has excellent power for a lightweight.

Duarte is arguably the second most powerful fighter that Ryan will have faced during his career. Obviously, Gervonta Davis is the biggest puncher Ryan has fought in his seven-year career, and he made easy work of the Southern California native, stopping him in the seventh round last April.

“Whoever emerges victorious is immediately in line for a shot against any of the current world champions,” said De La Hoya.

The options for Ryan would be Teofimo or WBA champ Rolando ‘Rolly’  Romero. There will be a lot more money at stake fighting Teofimo, as he’s a bigger name than Rolly and didn’t capture his WBO title under questionable circumstances.

“Ryan,” said Luis Coria to ESNEWS when asked who has faster hands between Ryan Garcia and Oscar Duarte. “Duarte [hits harder].  Duarte has that natural Mexican strength.”

Robert Garcia: “You think Duarte hits harder?”

Coria: “Yeah, he’s big. He’s got a big ole back.”

If Ryan’s ability to take body shots hasn’t improved since last April, Duarte will take him out quickly.  Predictably, you can expect Duarte to be targeting Ryan’s body, looking to hurt him as Gervonta Davis, Carlos Morales, and Luke Campbell all did.

Robert:  “He is bigger.”

Coria: “Ryan can outbox him or out-brawl him if he wants to, but I think Ryan wins by decision. I think Duarte focuses too much on power. I don’t think he’s ever been down.”

Robert: “He’s [Duarte] never been dropped? Then it’s going to be interesting.”

Coria: “I think Duarte is going to have to chase him down.”

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