Terence Crawford With Coach Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre After He Was Set Free In Manchester

By Allan Fox: Terence Crawford was in Manchester Court today in England to support his trainer Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre, providing character witness to assist in getting him released from jail for the gun charge.

If BoMac is caught with a gun on him in the UK in the next 20 months, he could do prison time in that country.

McIntyre pleaded guilty and was subsequently shown leniency by the British count, given a 20-month suspended sentence. Some fans on social media wonder if BoMac would have been shown the same leniency if he was just a regular Joe and not a famous trainer.

Would the British courts allow a regular, non-important citizen caught with a gun in their luggage to be set free with a 20-month suspended sentence, or would they have thrown the book at them, giving them a nice long five-year sentence to ensure this wouldn’t happen again?

The boxing public still wonders what on earth McIntrye was thinking by bringing a firearm into the UK. Did BoMac not think the gun would be noticed?

How could ‘BoMac,’ a guy who appears to be quite intelligent, not know the gun would be discovered by the airport screeners while leaving the country? Moving forward, BoMac will need to leave his guns at home when traveling, or else he could be out of commission.

If Brian needs personal protection, he should find a bodyguard who can travel with him when leaving the U.S. There’s got to be loads of bodyguards available for BoMac to use when traveling to different countries if he feels he needs someone with him.

BoMac was placed under arrest after a loaded gun & ammunition were discovered in his suitcase while he was exiting the UK after his fighter Chris Eubank Jr’s victory over Liam Smith on September 2nd.

Crawford needs BoMac for the biggest fights that he has ahead of him, especially if he can talk his way into the mega-money clash that he’s been angling towards against Canelo Alvarez.

For the rematch with Spence, Crawford probably doesn’t need BoMac to train him, especially if he insists on the fight at 147 to drain Errol to the point where he’s perfectly harmless.

However, even with BoMac designing the perfect game plan, Crawford will likely get trounced by Canelo because the Mexican star won’t drained or at less than 100% because of two car crashes like Errol Spence was when he fought Terence last July.

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