The Benefits of Las Vegas Casinos hosting boxing bouts

Casinos and boxing have been partnering for quite a long time now, lenting and exchanging with each other the resources that they both need to stay on the top of interest in the world of sports and entertainment. In fact, this partnership goes back some 70 years ago, when the vast desert of Nevada in the US transformed into the fight capital of the world, after the joined forces of the casinos and the big boxing fights. 

The mutual benefits

Casinos were to offer grand, state-of-the-art venues for huge boxing fights and boxing was to offer casinos the desired attention from the public and the kind of marketing that they would need to build their brand empires. 

Plus, boxing was to offer casinos another form of gambling, sports betting which was to complement the core offering and gradually transform the way fans watch, experience and engage with one of the most favorite sports in the world -boxing. Boxing betting in the US, boxing betting in the UK and literally boxing betting all over the planet rose exponentially, making the sport not only loved by fans, but by punters alike. 

Top casinos around the world hosting top-notch fights

Fight nights have always been a huge thing in boxing. And having these fights being hosted in top casinos, which could bring in their venues, their expertise, their money and their promotional activities was only meant to make these nights even bigger. On their part, boxing fights ensured an influx of fans and packed venues which would guarantee greater casino action. 

And in this manner, the partnering of the two was to be sustained for as much as the joined forces would benefit both.

Then came the internet….

The internet era came and changed everything. Online casinos such as those listed at, emerged not only as alternative channels of entertainment and gambling distribution, but in many cases as the dominant channels, making many of the land-based casinos lose their grandeur and their glory. And at the same time, sports betting transferred online too, with the best UK bookmakers moving to the virtual world. 

Online casinos have now become massive, taking up the biggest share of gambling revenues. In fact, online gambling is now way above land-based gambling, as more and more people choose to gamble from the convenience of their home, through a website or an app that provides them the maximum experience even though it is remote. 

So, what about boxing fights? How do they fit in the new situation?

The truth is that boxing nights continue to be organized by big casinos, though not in the frequency that were organized in the past. Casinos, especially in Las Vegas, have maintained their ‘partnership’ with boxing events in an effort to retain some of that past glory. 

But is this ‘collaboration’ aimed in any way at rejuvenating the land-based casinos and bringing back people into gambling establishments? Or is it a simple pairing, that has gone so well and is deemed to last for a long time?  

Well it seems that the online world is taking over the offline world and in that respect, it appears quite difficult to think that all people who play at the casinos will do it in-person, visiting a land based site. Since the internet offers so much convenience, the glorious days of casinos being always fully packed are somewhat over. So, it seems that boxing nights can’t do much about fixing the problem once and for all. 

But the pairing between casinos and boxing has indeed gone so well and it has been rooted in the minds and hearts of both gamblers and boxing fans, that it seems inevitable that they will continue to join their forces!

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