Tommy Fury vs. KSI – LIVE Results From Manchester


Manchester, UK – In a tag team boxing match, which took place at a max weight of 165-pounds, NichLMAO and Alex Wassabi fought Luis Pineda and Bdave to a four round split draw. The Misfits tag teams titles remain vacant.

The scores were 39-37 for Penda and Bdave, 39-37 for Wassabi and NichLMAO, and 38-38 for the draw.

The fight began with Bdave and NichLMAO, but after a quick slugfest a tag was made to Pineda. Wassabi got tagged in and dropped Pineda hard with a hook on the inside. Pineda got up and tagged Bdave. The two were slugging away with Bdave scoring a flash knockdown against the ropes. Wassabi got up quickly, with both making tags to close the round.

In the second round, Pineda and NichLMAO started off. Pineda landed a combination before a tag was made by both. Wassabi got rocked by a wild Bdave swing. He complained of a foul to milk some recovery time. Once the fight resumed, Wassabi was starting to land on Bdave – before both made tags. The round closed with Pineda shaking up Wassabi with a left hook.

The third saw Pineda and Wassabi begin by trading on the inside. They both made tags. Eventually a tag was made to Pineda, who worked over NichLMAO, who tagged out to Wassabi. A big right hand stunned Pineda and he tagged to Bdave. An exchange of punches shook both, with tags being made by both to close the round.

The fourth and final round began with Pineda and NichLMAO, which didn’t last long before both made tags. Bdave would eventually tag out to Pineda, who landed long shots on Wassabi, who tagged out to NichLMAO. A moment late Pineda tagged out to Bdave, who connected with several hard shots on NichLMAO in the closing seconds.

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