William Foster Reflects On Edwin De Los Santos Win: “I Broke Him”

William Foster hasn’t fought a murderous row of opponents just yet. Actually, if you sift through his resume, you’ll run across names that you simply never heard of. One fighter, however, that sticks out, is Edwin De Los Santos.

It was his closest win on paper. Foster was forced into a hirsute situation once the final bell rang. Normally, the 29-year-old doesn’t have to sweat a thing, even when the final decision is in the hands of the judges. This time around, Foster didn’t know what to expect. He knew that he did enough to win but would the judges agree? They did.

Ultimately, while it was the biggest win of his career, Foster can’t agree with those who believe De Los Santos was the best fighter he’s shared the ring with.

“Skill-wise no,” said Foster when asked by YSM Sports Media was De Los Santos the best fighter he’s fought. “But he hit really hard.”

De Los Santos has always had power in both hands. Time and time again, his opponents are carried out of the ring in the arms of their trainers. Foster took a few of those shots on the chin. He may have stumbled, and even bent at times but the one thing Foster made sure he didn’t do, was break. It’s too bad he can’t say the same for De Los Santos.

“After the second round he was broken, I broke him. I wounded his pride. He was so sure of himself until I exposed him.”

If De Los Santos does have any holes in his game, Shakur Stevenson will have a field day. The two are officially scheduled to get it on in just under one month on November 16th. Foster, at least for now, didn’t have much to say about their showdown that will have the vacant WBC lightweight title on the line. He’ll simply play the role of a spectator on that particular night.

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