Yordenis Ugas: Everything Has an End, We Will Analyze Everything With a Cool Head

It’s reflection time for Yordenis Ugas. For practically his entire life, the now 37-year-old has known only one thing…boxing. The brutal sport has treated him better than most. From becoming a full-fledged world champion to pocketing millions of dollars, Ugas has the respect of his peers. And, if he truly wanted, would never have to work another day in his life.

Hanging up his gloves and walking away has never been an option. Even after suffering back-to-back losses in 2014, Ugas may have taken time off to recharge, but he never envisioned his life without the sport. With that said, it appears that Mario Barrios may have ushered him into retirement.

This past Saturday night, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ugas came up woefully short against Barrios. He was outboxed, outmuscled, and outclassed. It wasn’t the first time Ugas came out on the losing end of a fight but it was his most difficult defeat to swallow. Now, after slinking back to his palatial estate, Ugas admits that everything is on the table.

“I started in boxing at the age of 6,” said Ugas on a self-recorded video. “l have been in this sport for more than 30 years, I have won much more than I ever dreamed of, but everything also has an end, we will analyze everything with a cool head.”

Before his agonizing defeat to Barrios, Ugas (27-6, 12 KOs) vowed to wrap another world title around his waist. He also revealed that he could entertain a possible future move up in weight.

Those dreams now seem incredibly out of reach. If he wanted, the former WBA welterweight champ could wait until his grotesquely swollen eye recovers, return to the gym, and have another go at it. His family, nevertheless, wouldn’t agree with that decision.

Before the choice is made on whether or not he pulls down the curtains on his career, Ugas took the time to acknowledge his loved ones and his adoring fans who stood beside him from the very beginning.

“My family doesn’t want me to be in this anymore. I hope to be able to go on vacation, take time off, and think carefully about the decision but this has already come or is coming to an end. Now I’ll go back to the doctor when the swelling goes down to see where we are. The truth is I always thought my eye would hold up, but unfortunately not. But congratulations to Barrios and his team. Thanks to everyone in the Team Ugas family who was supporting me. I love you. Thanks to all my Cuban community.”

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