Boxing’s sacred Pay Per View platform no longer requires world-class skills

July 14th, 2021

Sugar Ray Leonard Marvin Hagler Pay Per View

A lot will get written in regards to the inflow of social media into the game of boxing. The actual fact it threatens to seep into Pay Per View frequently will solely be to the detriment of the avid fan.

Many who tried to get a foothold in boxing with out mainstream backing welcomed the explosion of Fb, Twitter, and Instagram.

I imply, it even serving to World Boxing Information change into essentially the most visiting impartial boxing information web site on the planet.

That’s all good and effectively. Those that proved it had been in a position to break by means of, which continues to be the case right this moment. However when you’ve got individuals whose talents are detrimental to the substance supplied, that’s the place you need to draw the road.

YouTubers coming into our sport with out elementary abilities or a basis of world-class wonders to please the followers just isn’t sustainable for the game. Don’t let anybody inform you any completely different.

The one factor it’s offering to these fortunate sufficient to be adopted by the lots is likes, hits, and cash. Those that assist it are scared to take a stand and wish recognition from the vloggers in query.

You solely need to ask your self one query when discussing the matter. That’s “are YouTubers world-class boxers?” – Everyone knows the reply to that one.

Pay Per View is a sacred place in boxing reserved just for the very best fighters on the market. It’s the head for any fighter to achieve once they first lace up the gloves.

Showtime PPV particularly is without doubt one of the holy grails. It’s diluted, and I worry it should by no means be capable of regain its previous standing.

Now, you now not need to be blessed with distinctive expertise to headline one in all their restricted Pay Per View boxing choices every year. You need to use a platform of tens of millions of individuals [which doesn’t amount to being a global superstar when most of your followers are from the same country].

Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather
Esther Lin

What’s much more unfathomable is that they acquired their authentic notoriety by means of a unique means solely to rob a gifted boxer of their rightful spot.

Any Pay Per View that Showtime chooses to put non-boxers as headliners are detrimental to boxing and boxers. It prevents two of them from reaching that pinnacle all of us speak about day by day.

And that’s with out even mentioning that the product you might be promoting as boxing is nowhere close to the usual required for Pay Per View.

This acceptance of decrease requirements, in the long term, is unhealthy for boxing. Not will we have now ideas of the greats battling it out on PPV. Social media followers, primarily thirty or beneath, will talk about how a YouTuber knocked out somebody who’d by no means fought in boxing earlier than.

Both that, or will probably be on the expense of some hapless celeb or sports activities star bereft of easy methods to defend themselves.

Which one would you slightly see?

The overwhelming majority of us who need to see the very best fights week in week out maintain unforgettable recollections of watching Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, and Mike Tyson on PPV.

In distinction, this new technology will talk about which YouTuber they watched flailing round taking part in a sport that they can not grasp.


Don’t get me flawed, I do know “it brings extra eyes to the game.” Blah, blah, blah. However the high quality just isn’t there, and that isn’t good for boxing.

We’re the one sport that enables mediocrity to rule. It’s shameless and must cease.

The very best ought to struggle the very best on Pay Pay View because it’s a hallowed platform. YouTube boxing must be on YouTube, or social media occasions segregated, saved distant from the mainstream.

Hopefully, at some point we’ll see a major sway again to world-class boxing as soon as everybody championing this charade get uninterested in the unsustainable novelty.

Let’s get again to world-class abilities over Instagram followers sooner slightly than later.

The views expressed on this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Affiliation of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports activities Journalists’ Affiliation. Comply with on Twitter @PhilJWBN.

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