Four and a half year WBC light-flyweight titleholder Kenshiro Teraji dethroned by Masamichi Yabuki


Masamichi Yabuki shocks long-reigning champion Kenshiro Teraji

In Kyoto Japan, on September 29, a mighty upset occurred as, after four and a half years of reigning the light-flyweight division, Kenshiro Teraji (18-1, 10KOs), was dethroned by his compatriot, Masamichi Yabuki (13-3, 12KOs), in a shocker thriller!

29-year-old challenger Yabuki took full advantage of his greater reach from the start of the fight, by effectively using his longer reaching jab, while champion Teraji, also 29, struggled to fight on the inside, so the challenger won the first few rounds.

Yabuki appreciably gained in confidence after the scores were announced following  the fourth round (WBC open scoring systen) stating 40-36 on two cards, while the other judge had the fight 38-38.

Teraji, who’s distinguished by heart and hunger, went all out to claw it back in its second half presenting  Yabuki in some predicaments.

Teraji looked strong and determined rallying in the eighth round, landing solid combinations and left hands that swelled Yabuki’s right eye.

After hearing the cards after the eighth round, the up to now undefeated  champion upped his tempo, launching an onslaught on Yabuki, whose face was puffed up and swollen,  despite leading on the scorecards.y

By necessity, Teraji sought the KO. However Yabuki  intelligently parried  Kenshiro’s charge and managed to land solid combinations late in round 10 that trapped the champion on the ropes.

Yabuki attacked and unloaded  his entire repertoire to force the Referee Yuji Fukuchi, to stop the fight.

At the time of the fight’s conclusion, Yabuki was leading on all three cards.

The World Boxing Council congratulates its new world champion, Masamichi Yabuki and recognizes Kenshiro Teraji, as a great WBC monarch, inside and outside the ring, during his more than four years atop the division.

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